Digital T-Stat Heat/Cool White

Coleman-Mach's Wall-Mount Digital Thermostat is user-friendly with a single stage heating and cooling design. Use this thermostat to control your RV's air conditioner, gas or electric heat strips and fans. This thermostat works with a number of Coleman-Mach RV air conditioners. It is compatible with select Mach 15 Series, Mach 3 PLUS Series, Mach 1 Power Saver Series, Mach III Power Saver Series, Mach 8 Polar Cub Series, Mach 8 Series and the Roughneck Series air conditioners. See manufacturer recommendations to ensure a proper fit before purchasing. This single stage thermostat features a back-lit digital display, high and low fan speed control, auto/on mode for fan control, wall mount with plugs and a 12V DC power output. This is not a universal thermostat and is specific to whatever appliance it is being used for. It will not work with any zone controls, basement models or heat pumps.